I was cleaning up some files from my flash drive when I saw photos taken when my little sister was just two. Don’t you just love it when you remember a story or a scene while looking at old pictures?

Aww… baby’s crying.

So her Ate Steffi told her: “Don’t cry. We’ll play with Ate’s make-up.”

Sofia: “Reeeaallyyy?? Yay!” (Ate looks so matronic.)

Pucker up!

I looooove The Body Shop!

I feel pretty, oh so pretty!

Can we do this every time I go out?

It’s her 4th birthday tomorrow but they’re having the party today in the Las Pinas house. I can’t believe she’s all grown up! Well… kind of. Haha. She’s still a little girl, but I feel like I missed most of her babyhood.

Happy birthday, Sof!

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