The Random Importance of Fish

Last Friday, we bought fishes for the empty aquarium. After a day, the water looked cloudy and 4 fishes died by the next day. This morning, I was grossly late for work but when I woke up to cloudy water–even after it has been replaced the night before–and another 2 fishes dead, I panicked and we took the time to transfer the little guys to one of Mom’s larger soup pots before we lose any more.

Maybe it was the new filter? The new accessories (they were pre-washed)? Or perhaps the fishes suffered from sever vertigo after the rocky ride home from the pet store?


A few years ago, Dr. D introduced a plastic surgeon friend, a Botox specialist, to me. The plastic surgeon told me that I would never be one of his patients as I would probably have no need for wrinkle removal. He said most Southeast Asians are fond of fish, which prevent facial lines.

Fatty fish, here I come.


In the comic series Pooch Cafe, the protagonist is a dog named Poncho whose family includes his owner, the owner’s wife, several cats and a lone goldfish who is simply named “Fish”.

Fish has a surprisingly sensible point of view most of the time and is the perfect foil to Poncho’s outrageous recklessness.


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