All because I wanted to play

Yesterday, I finally got sick of the weak signal I’ve been getting for my mobile internet connection that I decided to move the whole desk to another area of my room. And because of that, I had to move the closet and clean my desk. After I’ve reorganized the mess of papers, hairclips, tissue boxes, wires, two kinds of cell phone charges, CDs and toiletries off my study desk and switched it with the closet, I realized that the rest of my room was still a gigantic mess.

So I…

… cleaned, wiped, vacuumed, folded, dusted, lifted, shuffled things around.

… called my Dad and told him I wanted to throw the 3-seater couch away.

… dragged Shine and Jovs to IKEA to pick up a few things and look for a new sofa-bed to buy for my room since brother Jiko will be coming soon.

… bought a corkboard on impulse because IKEA named it CHRIS (hehe) and realized that it’s perfect to pin pics and notes over my desk.

… went to the Kuwaiti souk the next day to get a comfy swivel chair, an easel, some brushes for me and a watercolor pack for my sister who will be arriving next month and will surely use my own if I don’t buy her some.

… decided that the aquarium looks dead and because I can’t lift the dratted marble and glass case, we just went to Batha to get some fish, a new filter and new aquarium accessories.

Instead of being a forest of clothes and paper, my room now has a lot of floorspace, a study-corner which also doubles as my mini studio with the art supplies set up on the left just beside the bed. The candles and bookshelves are on the right and, right beside where the sofa-bed will be, the fishies are there when I’m feeling alone. Aww. It looks so pretty.

And all because I needed a stronger Internet signal to play a game. I’m glad I took tomorrow off because I need to rest after a busy weekend of getting things sorted out. I’m not even done yet!


While we were stuck in traffic in Batha on the way to buy the fish, a muttawa (sort of moral police) knocked on my Dad’s car window. Here in Saudi, women are supposed to cover their hair. But lately, a lot haven’t been strictly following that rule since it hasn’t been as strict as it was 10 years ago.

I have very long hair. Still, I’m amazed the guy even noticed me while we were in the vehicle. This is how the conversation went:

Mutt: Why is your wife’s hair uncovered?!
Dad: She’s my daughter.
Mutt: Huh?
Dad: She’s still very young.
Mutt: Why do you let your daughter go out like that!?? Nobody will marry her!

I nearly died laughing after he left. And when I told him about it later:

Chris: I doubt that very highly.


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