People Puzzle Me

  • Earlier, while I was busy working through the sea of paper on my desk, my co-worker arrived from her usual rounds and told me that someone from the department told her to “teach me how to smile“. I found this incredibly funny because (1) I probably have one of the widest smiles in the world, which I only learned to like when I was over 20 years old, and (2) I smile at people here as I pass by–granted, there are a lot of people here so I don’t bother to stop and chat, just smile, because I’m too f*cking busy to talk.

    This is just one of the milder comments about me. And that I’ve somehow earned the title of suplada while I was so busy adjusting with work, trying to be nice to everyone because I’m the new girl, and trying to catch up with the endless load that I’m given every single day. I was all work, sleep and doing other personal things for the past few months that I’ve been too busy to notice or talk about anything else.

    I wonder why some make it a point to be nasty? Can’t they just appreciate my hard work? … Nah. Be realistic, Steffi! 😀
  • Related to the above, I am still mystified about how my choosing to speak (mostly) in English while at work has any bad reflection on my character. We work in a foreign country with a lot of foreign colleagues and co-workers. Granted, there are a lot of Filipinos around but even so, we’re always bound to be around someone who does not understand the native language. I find it downright rude to be going on and on and excluding other people from a group or general conversation. Even when I speak in Tagalog, I sometimes translate for other people who are supposed to be included in the conversation. But, while in the workplace, it’s just simpler and a lot more polite to speak in a language everyone understands. (Phone calls and private one-on-ones don’t count.)

    That some see this as being mayabang (boastful) on my part is both funny and strange. Apparently, it is unseemly to be polite.

    By all means, love your native tongue. But not to the extent of being disrespectful to others.

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