The Baby is now a … Lady???

The last time I was in Topshop, the nice salesman took a shine to me and whispered that they’d have a Buy 1 Take 1 sale just for one night on February 4. He even took my number so he could text me whenever they have a sale. By Feb 6, I was walking along the Research Centre and realized that I MISSED IT! *cries piteously*

More money saved then. Hmph.

Yesterday, Mom called me and just as we were saying our hellos I heard a demanding little voice pipe up in the background.

Sofia: Who are you calling?
Mom: My friend.
Sofia: What’s the name of your friend?
Mom: *whispers to me* I feel like there’s an FBI agent following me around.
Me: Ahahaha!

Mom related another story. Our almost-4-year-old Sofia announced that she was no longer a “baby” and that she wanted to be called a “lady”, thereby giving her the right to strut around with little handbags and wallets.

Mom: You’re not a lady yet. You have no boobs.
Sofia: *runs to the mirror* They’re growing!


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