Mom is sick, my baby sister Sofia is sick, Dad is sick, brother Jiko is bugging me about the stuff he wants me to buy (why do electronic things fall apart after I give them to him?), I have a boatload of work I have to finish in just a few days, I’m always sick but I got used to it (haha), my contract is still a mess and it’s so unstable I really don’t know what to do anymore, my boyfriend is feeling down after all the house-buying stress he’s been through…

Maybe Mercury Retrogade took a toll on us all, haha. If you believe those things. 🙂 I’m not a follower but I’m open-minded enough to say that there are a few things in this world I can’t explain. But I do believe in the Law of Attraction so I’m sitting here trying to attract universal positive vibes. And God has answered my prayers because we’re all still here happily working things out.

I have my secret weapon (coffee), my optimism (too much is dangerous), and me wishing that all stress will make me lose my winter weight. I’m no longer as obsessive as I used to be since I realized that I’ll never get fat no matter how much I eat but I still want to be thin by summer. I’m glad Dad recently forced me to buy more make-up because he said it’s indecent for a 25-year old to survive on gloss and cheek tint. After buying the wrong shade of red–it was Mom’s shade, not mine and wild red looks weird for a morena like me–I returned to TBS and got a new tube in Rose Pink plus this glittery cover which looks awesome and foolproof even if you’re a make-up retard like I am:

On a side note, Rob told me he met up with Chris and had a grand time talking about stuff. He marveled about how smart and cool he is and told me his instincts were right about him. I answered that I already knew I was lucky. ♥ Happy 4th monthsary to us, the two Goofies. xoxo


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