On Tim Tams

While talking to SP and Rae, I lamented that Tim Tams are not available here in KSA–it’s true, I checked everywhere! And the ones TBH sent disappeared seconds after I opened his package. SP said she could buy Tim Tams from a shop in California, but they were American Tim Tams, not the original Australian ones.

Moved by my sadness (lol), Rae promised to send me caramel Tim Tams from Oz if I email her my address. After a minute or two:

Rae: You sent it already!
SP: She’s a desperate woman, Rae!


3 thoughts on “On Tim Tams

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  2. I buy them now at Target. They are Australian made and I cannot tell the difference. The kids say that the Australian ones are better – not sure if there is any difference.

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