Uncluttering my Life


That has been me during the past few months. But I don’t want to procrastinate anymore. I realize that the only way I’ll wake up feeling satisfied every morning is for me to take control of my perception of life and not let recent events and problems put me down.

  • Get rid of clutter!

    clut⋅ter /ˈklʌtər/ [kluht-er]
    a disorderly heap or assemblage.
    a state or condition of confusion.

    Clean my room aka The Void. Organize my shoes and clothes–yes, I know it sounds silly but I’m a girl and I have HEAPS of clothes that need attention. Box up the ones that I don’t use anymore and send them to the Bahay Kalinga. Re-organize my office and make sure that people can at least see the lovely maple color of my desk.

  • Blog everyday. It’s been a challenge lately, but everyday I have thousands of thoughts that I’ve forgotten. I need this to keep a history of myself, knowing how forgetful I am lately. Plus, it relaxes me.
  • Draw everyday! Paint every month. Unleash the creativity. I miss the old me who used to keep papers and notebooks around all the time just so I ‘d have a surface to doodle on all the time. I need practice and I need it badly.
  • Do my work to the best of my abilities. No more dragging and blowing at my empty coffee cup while delaying my tasks. I have a mountain of pending work that welcomed me here and it’s a test for me to finish them all. That plus ignoring all the stupid people who talk behind my back even when I’ve done nothing wrong to them. Be nice but assertive.
  • Read a book every week. I bought Cecelia Ahern’s Thanks for the Memories last Friday. If I have not finished it by Friday, shoot me.
  • Call my family everyday. I like hearing stuff about my brother and sister. How could I possibly miss the Sofia-isms that my Mom and I laugh about every morning?
  • Cook something decent every week. I may never be an Iron Chef contender but I could make an effort to make something edible once in a while.
  • And, last but not the least, tell Chris I ♥ him everyday, talk everyday (even if it’s just a short “hello” email) and keep our plans in mind.

Good luck to me. 😀


3 thoughts on “Uncluttering my Life

  1. I want to start reading more too! Right now fiction doesn’t do it for me. Do you know any good non-fic reads? Bios?

    And I am teaching myself pastels. I wish you were here. I loved your pastel works in College! And I want to take you to my favorite art supplies store (which i only visited once but it’s already my favorite because they have EVERYTHING and cheaper) in Recto!

  2. Yay, take me there when I go to PInas. 😀 Art supplies are so expensive here. Once I woke up and found Sofia painting and using my Winsor&Newton acrylics and brushes. My Mom told me Sofia told her that I let her use my art supplies. I didn’t get mad because when I looked at my sis, she reminded me of little-Stef who just really wanted to paint. Aww.

    I’m self-taught with pastels. My dad taught me a few basics when I was around 8 and I just went from there. Practice lang yan but it’s really easy to use and the colors always look lovely afterwards.

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