Teeny Weeny VAIOs

My pink 14.1″ VAIO, Janey, is just a few months old. But I’m already thinking of getting one cute little Sony VAIO P.


[Pictures from Chuvaness.]

I like having a computer with me all the time because: (1) I’m a compulsive player and I like to kill time by playing. (2) Having a mini-notebook would solve the weight problems and the necessity of carrying another huge laptop bag along. (3) I already have mobile internet (I ♥ Mobily) so I may as well have a more mobile notebook.

But I’m already complaining about screen space with a 14.1″ so imagine how tiny things would look here. Plus, it costs just as much as Janey did when she was new so I’m thinking about this before splurging. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Teeny Weeny VAIOs

  1. My mini-notebook’s screen is around 10″! Hahaha I’m guessing this one is smaller! A mini’s not so bad. Adjustment period lang after my 15.4″ Logan! hehehe

    Steffi…wala pang pangalan laptop ko… hahaha i know it’s white pero feeling ko lalake sya eh..hahaha blond moment!

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