Unleashing the Shopaholic

This past weekend was a blur of homework and shopping. I managed to finish the work I brought home (hallelujah!) and found time in the evenings to shop ’til my Dad dropped after following me around from one place to another.

Chris asked me: “So what did you get?”, I blushed and replied “Seven blouses, two trousers, three shoes, three dresses, five knickers and one book.” That was just for two nights. Later tonight, I need to exchange the poker-print dress I got in Topshop for a smaller size so that’s another excuse to do more shopping right after. *eb!l*

One from Dorothy Perkins is a maternity dress. No, I’m not going to have a belly-bump sometime in the near future, but it was just so cute and flowery that I couldn’t resist. Baby doll dresses look good on everyone anyway. I went to Limited too to get a pair of comfy shoes with heels just like the ones Rachelle has. And when I saw them at half price I went o_o. When I brought them to the cashier and he told me to get another one because it was buy 1 take 1, I went @_@.

I have to get myself out of this shopping haze and focus on work. It’s going to be another hell-week and I hope this wonderful Saturday morning will be a good omen of the coming days to come.

(Hey, I have to be optimistic! I was the one who gave the talk about Self-esteem and how The Power of Perception could help set your mood and lift your confidence.)


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