Youth Image and Self Worth

The above is the title of the talk I gave a few hours ago to the high school students at Al-Dana. Three days ago, Tita Sol asked me to be one of the speakers for a Youth Leadership Seminar. I said “Yay” because I never turn down talks especially when teens or children are the audience. Because of work overload, I had no time to prepare for my speech and just managed to finish drafting something coherent at 4am. I brought my laptop, Janey, along because I wanted to finish some work while I waited (I was the last speaker). When I arrived, I realized that all the other speakers had PowerPoint presentations. I thanked God for making me bring Janey and Etisalat for giving me Mobily wireless internet. While the first speaker was giving his lecture on Financial Stewardship, I sat in one corner putting my presentation together.


By the time it was my turn to go onstage, a baby migraine was threatening to burst from the back of my skull–probably the result of all the qrap I’ve been stressing about. But I had fun giving the talk itself. The kids were very responsive. : )

As for the other speakers, I felt like the odd one out. Aside from being at least 30 years younger than the other three, they were all very accomplished. One is a Labor Attache from the Embassy, the other is the GK (a well-known charity group) Director of Saudi Arabia and the last was a Toastmaster’s President. I was the punk kid drinking juice between them while they were meeting about starting youth programs for migrant workers’ children. When he left, the Labor Attache called me “Nene” which means little girl. *lol*


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