Happy Wednesday? Not Really.

It’s supposed to be the start of my weekend. But I have to:

1. Submit the IVIG packet to Dr. M before this day ends.

2. Finish the speech I’m delivering tomorrow morning at Al Dana School on “Youth and Self-Image”.

3. Finish my laundry.

It’s 8pm and I haven’t started yet because I fell asleep! :hissy:

The good news is I finally got paid. Yay! I have money to not buy myself food now because I have to be on a diet. Of course, the six Oreos I just ate are not part of this diet. But I ate it with skimmed milk so I thought it couldn’t be so bad, after all.

[ / excuses end here ]


I’m worried about Chris. We’re both busy: I’m dealing with my work-overload and he’s buying a house. I’m really praying things will work out perfectly on his end.

Cory was telling me the other day about the horribly long process of buying a house in the US. Then I told Cory about the last time I bought property back home in the PI: I was told about it so we drove to the site and I stared at the sea view, the hillside, the German’s house on the top, the green green grass all around me and I fell in love. The next day, I signed some stuff and it was mine. ♥


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