It was about 2:42 AM

Last night or very early this morning, I found myself working on a deadline while some friends from the other side of the world were busy playing. And I thought to myself: How many Fridays will I spend this way? Oh I could do it earlier, perhaps do half on a Thursday or Wednesday night. But my point is I HATE WORKING ON MY WEEKENDS.

That explains the choco-coffee binge yesterday when I bought every chocolate with a biscuit centre and tried to do the Slam at home. I won’t tell you how many Toggis, Twixes, Oreos, or Galaxys I ate but let’s say that I felt like throwing up and cursing chocolateness forever afterwards. That is also why I feel so bad today that I can’t eat except wince and take a few sips of fresh brewed lemon-ginger while I bash the keyboard because I lost another document that I was so sure I edited last week.

In short, this is how I feel:
funny pictures of cats with captions
more animals

Just three hours before I have to leave. 😀 Time flies when you’re busy.

Dad told me that his company will buy him a nice expensive widescreen notebook. He gets to choose the model, too. I’m jealous, I had to pay for my own. My JANEY may not be the top-of-the-line VAIO, but she’s pink, glossy, and is more than fast enough for me to bounty hunt. I am so dead when Sofia sees her.


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