Happy 3rd Monthsary

Things to accept if you really love me:

20. I have periods of messiness. And this usually happens when I need to go somewhere (like work) and I try on three sets of outfits and discard them and leave them on the bed/table/couch before I leave because I’m eternally in a hurry.

19. I can take one hour in a shop like Mango and Zara and leave just holding a tee. Shopping is my workout—I can walk around all day! You need mall-patience to shop with me.

18. I love Isaac Asimov. Prepare to listen to me go on and on and on about Foundation or The Last Question.

17. Worse, I love The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. I read all the books and might possibly ask you to read them too so we can giggle about Arthur Dent and intergalactic sandwichmaking together.

16. Here’s the worst: I’m a trekkie. Strictly Star Trek: The New Generation as I’m not a William Shatner fan. I’m also in love with Data. I might watch them again and again in front of you and you better not crack any trekkie jokes.

15. I love Mob Wars. You don’t have to play it, just understand that I spend a lot of time with it.

14. Books are my first love and I will fill available wall space with bookshelves. Books might be found on every surface in every room as I have the tendency to re-read them and leave them lying about. I organize them periodically, but they’re comfortable to have around.

13. I eat solid food with a spoon. Kids from my country were raised that way. I do use the fork. 😀 But I like my spoon.

12. Folding clothes is pure torture.

11. Ironing them is triple the pain.

10. Sometimes, when I’m quiet, it’s because I’m in a foul mood and attempting to argue with me during those times will result in Blood. Just saying. 🙂

9. I love to do the Slam. With Tim Tams, Twix, Kit Kats… I will suck anything through them and will eat the whole gooey mess even in public.

8. As a consequence of number 9, I dip all chocolate in skinny lattes.

7. You have to be nice to all of my girlfriends. And I mean ALL of them, not just the pretty/sexy ones. They were there before you, helping me and supporting me through everything and I owe them the world.

6. You have to love my family. I have a HUGE clan so I won’t require that. Just getting along well with my Dad, Mom, brother and baby sister is fine. ❤

5. I eat a lot. Occasionally, I might eat more than the average guy when we go out. It’s one of my hobbies.

4. No self-respecting woman frequently wears tiny, lacy, frilly underwear that costs a lot and has to be handwashed. I like sturdy and comfy but colorful cotton boylegs from La Senza or Marks & Spencer that I can toss inside a machine.

3. I have (very few) guy friends who I adore very much. Like my girlfriends, we’ve been through a lot together which is why I’m so attached to them, too. Don’t be jealous, I’m capable of loving only one.

2. I like it when you wear pink and still look *rawr*.

1. I go mad when I gain the slightest bit of weight. I complain, invent diets, refuse to wear certain clothes, refuse to go out, and pout in front of a mirror until the evil extra pounds fall off. It’s not about self-esteem. I just hate shopping for a whole wardrobe again. 🙂 Use earplugs if necessary but NEVER tell me I’m fat.

0. I love you. Can’t wait for the holiday.


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