Hello WordPress!

I feel like a fake rockstar with a guitar, saying “Hello -insertCityhere-” before words fail me and I have to start singing or else my fans will discover that I really don’t have anything to say. This is my first post in my new Neruda-ish blog, with all my old historical crap imported from my Blogger account.

And what do I have to say? I think 80% of my current depression stems from the fact that work is shitting me. Not just my current job but even my ex-job.


I’ll continue to sip coffee through Twix sticks and try to survive. When it’s all over, I’m going shopping. I deserve it. And then I’m quitting.


It’s Quality Day here at work and they’re having the annual gameshow thing. I think it’s The Weakest Link this year. I decided to skip because I’m too busy updating me new blog working.

I just realized that it’s been a year since I tried to watch the 2007 show but I kept on getting distracted because of the text messages that arrived every five minutes from that person. It was a pleasant distraction and I remember wearing a big grin that people probably thought was caused by the amusing exchange onstage which I hardly paid attention to. It just seemed like yesterday.

Ahaha! How cliche. I’m getting old.


2 thoughts on “Hello WordPress!

  1. Hey steffi! Welcome to wordpress! So glad you’re on. 😛

    I know how you feel. I was just there like, 3 weeks ago. Today’s my first Monday not working after I quit. LOL!

    What do you do now?

  2. Hey Burn! I work in KFSH admin. I know… still here. *lol* But I do go home every year or so for holidays.

    You just quit work? Congrats! Haha. Enjoy it until the next job. Before this, I only had 2 weeks of bum-hood before I was hired and that was more than 4 years ago. Yup, I need a break.

    Vacations don’t count. When you’re on a holiday, you *know* you’re coming back and do the same things over and over and it ruins the fun somehow.

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