First Day

I got lost. The way seemed so different from the last time I was here. Then I got stuck outside a security-locked door. The hallways all look the same but that’s just my wonderful sense of direction acting up.

I need coffee. BADLY. I’m already pumped up with caffeine but I spent the night catching up–playing that not-to-be-mentioned-in-real-life-game and talking to boyfriend–instead of sleeping. One thing I learned from Dilbert is: one can never have enough coffee.

My psychic powers are working overtime. There is a venti Dr Cafe caramel macchiatto with my name on it. (No skinny lattes today. I’m spoiling myself.)

I need to iron my clothes. I need to clean my part of the house.

I need to call Mom and Sof and Jiko and Mama Emma to wish her happy birthday.

I need to transfer my phonebook contacts one by one because the Moto program won’t work on Janey.

I need to stop petiks. I’m just so good at it. 😀


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