25 isn’t so bad

If we took weeks to organize last year’s joint birthday party, this year, Elaine and I took a grand total of two days. Give or take a few hours. 🙂 
This was a much smaller one. We just invited a few people to Joey’s house and ate, drank and bounced off the mirrored walls. We blew the candles on our matching M&M birthday cakes (took me around 2 hours to make haha) and refused to touch or eat the other huge cake that Jov brought because that one had our faces on it–until Renee poked a hole through Elaine’s icing chest.
I opened Tita Dina’s present and decided that the peekaboo dress matched the gray boots even better than my green strappis. I had a suspicion it wasn’t a dress, but was supposed to be a longish shirt. *lol* I just made sure I didn’t jump around too much. 
Strangely, I don’t feel so upset about turning 25. I had my quarter life crisis earlier, when I turned 23. Then, I was terrified of being mid-twenties then turning 30 without realizing it. Haha! I’m more relaxed about the age thing lately.
Got home at past 1am. I emailed Michel that I was around as I promised we’d play when we both have time. But I passed out by the time he replied.
Had a weird dream about a friend. Our relationship has been strained lately due to a recent problem. In my dream, I had agreed to sleep with him (which would never have happened for real which is why I knew I was asleep haha). And when it came to actually doing it, he couldn’t–not because he couldn’t get it up but because he was like a kapre’s cigar and I said it might kill me if he tried. So I said “Can we just be friends?” and the dream ended very cordially.
I woke up laughing. [/weird subconscious moment ends here]

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