The Crammer

I’m a natural crammer. I tend to do things at the last minute because stress makes my brain work more than coffee or chocolate could ever do. Back in univ, if I knew that I have to submit a paper within three hours I’d be hard at work on my PC and NOTHING–not even a Johnny Depp flick–could distract me from my goal.

My problem is that I kind of brought this attitude over to my work. If I have one month to do a project:

Day 1: Scan the memo, flick it over to the small desk behind me and promptly forget about it.
Day 2-27: Papers gather dust as I go around doing… other stuff.
Day 28: I faintly remember something that has to be completed.
Day 29: I try to pull everything together and attempt the impossible within an 8-hour workday.

November 5 will be my last day of working here. Not that I’m happy to leave, of course a big part of me is sad that I’m leaving. Because in spite of my rants, complaints and evil side comments here and there, I actually learned to like this department.

But I need change. Badly. It’s going to be a busier job (great, I just gave myself added stressors) but I need to be busy! I’m happy when I’m in the middle of several things all at once and the rush of completing everything feels great.

And they’re paying me more. Which never hurts. 😀

And while I’m here, can I just say that I’m sick of STC ignoring my broadband application! It’s been more than a month! Do you guys want business or not? 😮 No one ever answers the phone; once, I even fell asleep waiting while listening to the awful company ads. Grr.

(I need a new blog layout.)


A very good friend’s son has passed away recently. I’m very sad to hear this because although I’ve never met him, my friend often told me about him and I felt like I knew him through his dad. 😦


One thought on “The Crammer

  1. it works for me too.. i wake up 6 am.stare at nothin, stand up then roll in bed again… before i realize its 8 already, rush myself to the bath room, take a shower while the water is boilin in the kitchen for my coffee.. my work starts at 8:45. drink my coffee in 10 mins,dress up in 10 mins. prepare my things in 10 mins. then leave the house at 8:30, ill be at work exactly 8:45.

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