Flu Happened

I always get sick at least once a year. Last year I got the vaccine and regretted it after I got horribly sneezy and weak for two weeks. This year, I think I got it from someone who visited the office. *coughs* *pokes J*

I ache all over and can’t even move much. I missed Ina’s birthday party and one day of work–the office kept calling me, I couldn’t sleep! But instead of lapsing into self-pity, I just played too much and ate way too much. Clearly, not even a sore throat can affect my appetite. 🙂

During my university days, I would always get sick during finals week. Probably because I only slept for 3 hours every other day and ate whatever instant food I could find in the dorm. Walking like a burning zombie to take my Psychology finals was not fun at all!

I miss my old self. I haven’t shopped in … months? Sacrilege! Haha! The Sartorialist will block me from viewing his site. Faisaliyah probably misses me and wonders if I’ve chosen a new favorite mall. I haven’t finished a book in weeks. That’s weird for me, I always make sure I finish my reading quota. TV has been forgotten long ago. I’ve run out of Body Shop tint and now everyone knows that the rosy cheeks are just a product of technology and are not due to my natural coloring. *lol* I definitely need to go on a looong shopping trip.

At least I still have time for my friends. 🙂 With them, SFC, (too much) work and MW, my hours get filled up. I’m so badly addicted it’s scary.


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