This isn’t about the band and I’m not about to start singing I Need You Tonight. This post is about chocolate.

The problem with me is that when I crave something, I tend to give in way too much until I feel slightly disgusted. Which is why Jovett will come home later and find that her Cadbury Roses are half-empty. She never eats sweets and only keeps a stock of chocolates because I come over so often.

Like now. 😀

The philosophy of excess.


Joie’s birthday last Wednesday was fun but much calmer than he (and we) would have liked. The Ambassador’s wife insisted that he hold it in the embassy residence and so only half of the invited guests showed up.

There was no time to buy a dress because of the shop hours during Ramadan so I had to dig around what I have and settled on a short black dress, sheer black stockings and (my favorite part) 5-inch heeled red leather boots.

When Mom and I first bought the boots, Sofia saw them and asked: “Is that yours?” I answered “Of course. You can’t wear heels yet, baby.” And she nodded quietly and stared at them in such a way that made me laugh. A three-year old wanting dominatrix footwear is something else.

As for the party, we all ate too much, drank a little too much and took too many photos. Rach got drunk and giggled the whole night while I threatened to lock her in the bathroom. I agreed to model for Leslie’s portfolio and refused to do so for another person. A group of guys who for some reason all looked alike were trying to introduce themselves but we must’ve looked scary enough because after the initial “hello” their courage failed them and they retreated to their corner. *lol*

I’ve only managed to write an update because MWF is down. *hissy* Bounties are currently flying past my nose so I better return to playing.


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