Dr Schuler fixed my broken filling the other night. Jovett and I sneaked in at 10 pm and got our teeth fixed for free because the whole Dental was empty. That’s what you get during the first days of Ramadan when everyone is out having Iftar (breakfast, which starts after sunset prayer) until the wee hours of the morning. He thought I had braces, I said I was just lucky. 😀

I’ve been back from vacation since August 1 and I haven’t organized my pics yet. My online album must have been updated last … March? *lol* I’m lazy. I’ll do it tomorrow. (Yes, you’ve heard that before.)

I blame the impossible amount of coffee I take each day. I also blame the media and the makers of CSI for making me eat that much Lays potato chips and Hershey’s Kisses while ogling Warrick.

Me: I love Warrick.
Jovs: You might have green-eyed babies.

I always name my computers. My college desktop was called ‘Sanzo’ in honor of the grumpy monk from Saiyuki. The first and much-loved notebook was called ‘James’ and my last one, a black Dell, was named ‘Sherlock’. It makes it easier to swear at them when I get errors and freezes.

I’m typing this on ‘Janey’, my new Sony VAIO, which Sofia claims is hers just because of the pink color. My sister oh so generously offered to give me back the black Dell I gave my brother in exchange for this:

I don’t have DSL yet *mumbles*STCissoslow*mumbles* so I’m trying to survive on dial up while waiting for the phone company to call me back.

My hair is also very VERY straight. Again. Yay! I finally had it rebonded yesterday at Tita Maricion’s salon, Red Carpet. They started at 9am and finished at 2pm–no breaks in between! It also cost me enough money to feed a family for a month and though I’m not happy about that part, I’m pleased with my hair. No more swearing in front of the mirror in the mornings and cursing my Dad’s genes for giving me unruly waves and blaming the powers that be for not making me look more like Mom.

And I should probably stop blabbing and sleep because I have to be at work in 4 hours. 😛 ‘night.


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