My Best Friend’s Wedding

Hi bloggy. Will you ever forgive me for being so inattentive? I promise never to forget you again in favor of other online pursuits like … mob wars.

I ordered my new VAIO. In ten days I’ll finally have a new, lovely computer. And I intentionally bought the glossy, baby pink model so Jiko can’t take it from me again. 😀 Add that to my scheduled hair rebond, my insurance bills, and I’ll be totally penniless the whole month. That’s okay, I just stop eating and stare at my computer every time I feel hungry.

Ryan will be leaving next week! 😦 I can’t believe he’s really going for good. I knew it was coming but I didn’t realize it would happen so soon! My guy best friend will no longer be a few miles away. I know there’s internet and cellphones, but distance still sucks. But I’m also really happy for him since I know he has always wanted to continue his degree.

And speaking of best friends… TINA IS GETTING MARRIED!!!

My first reaction was: But she’s so young!

Then: But it’s Peter! And they’re so great together so it’s okay.

And then: She’s going to have kids. I’m going to be an aunt. And I don’t even have a boyfriend in sight. Not even a fling I can talk about over martinis. *lol*

It’s going to happen at Tagaytay next year–the perfect wedding setting. And I’m going to be there, of course, even if I have to fight over vacation schedules.

I’m so happy for her. ❤

= =

I feel a lot more upbeat now ever since I learned that I did pass the panel interview and they’re still going to hire me in spite of the multiple-pierced ears and not-exactly-professional get up. (I forgot I had an interview that day.) People here can be so conservative.


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