From tickets to cologne

This convo’s two weeks old, but I forgot to post about it.

Sofia: Where are you?

Me: London.

Sofia: You didn’t bring me!

Me: *lol* Sorry, baby. I’ll take you with me next time.

Sofia: But I have no ticket! And I have no money yet. (pause) But I have stickers–small ones and big ones. And I have cologne.

Me: *dies*

Please tell me how they’re related. I must have missed the connection between money and stickers. X-P

For the uninitiatied, Sofia is my 3-year-old baby sis. The one everyone loves, even Jiko.


Watching Sense & Sensibility again was fun. I haven’t seen it in years, and I’ve forgotten how wonderfully Kate Winslet portrayed Marianne Dashwood. She was Marianne Dashwood.

I once said that Austen’s books would never blow you over. They were not terribly dramatic or exciting. And people were far too repressed and polite for the books to have “juicy parts”. Reading one of her novels is like sitting in your garden during a nice, quiet day when you need to relax. But in spite and perhaps because of this, Austen’s books are truly perfect.

I’m a Fitzwilliam Darcy fan myself. He ruined all men for me ever since I discovered an unread copy of Pride & Prejudice in the school library. Colin Firth’s 1995 portrayal only made things worse. 🙂 If I thought Winslet was amazing, then he was scarily accurate.


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