The Queue

There is nothing more dangerous than a supermarket queue. There, people forget that they are grown-up, mature individuals who have achieved a certain level of patience and routinely practice good manners. When someone DARES to jump the queue, tempers would flare and normally nice persons would see red and resort to murder.

Because last night was my turn to pay for the household shopping, I dragged myself out of bed at midnight to go with Dad to Hyperpanda. I rushed towards the cashier and managed to get ahead of a guy with a full cart. While I stood there watching the cashier and digging for my wallet, the idiot behind me pushed his cart and hit me. It wasn’t that hard, but it hurt my ankles a little.

The first time… I moved away and let it pass. (It could have been an accident.)

The second time… I moved away again. (Be nice, Steffi.)

The third time… The cashier noticed and asked the idiot to move back.

The fourth time… (This was harder.) I glared at him.

The fifth time … (Ouch! This is definitely not an accident!) I said STOP HITTING ME!!! *grr*

Everyone stared, he mumbled something while I fumed and paid–didn’t even notice how much I spent. Later, Dad got a bit upset:

D: You should have pushed the cart. Hard.
Me: His wife was behind him. 😛
D: You’re too nice.

This was almost identical to the airport incident where I had a fight with a guy who hit me with his filled up trolley too many times. I don’t enjoy fighting in public, in fact, I hate it. But I really get annoyed with men who think they can jump the queue faster if they run over the girl standing before them.


Is it too predictable for me to say that I don’t feel like working? Because I don’t. I’ve done the bare minimum this week and I don’t like it.

I need to recover from my vacation mindset.


4 thoughts on “The Queue

  1. What’s wrong with people?!

    You should have been like this big American guy I saw in the Qussie a few weeks ago – he wasn’t paying attention and this little Indian guy jumped in front of him in the queue. He rounded on this guy and boomed at him, “Hey! *I* was first!”. The guy wiggled his head at him and mouthed something inaudible, then proceeded to show his stuff to the cashier and hand over his money. The big guy then raised his voice and said, “Next time you wait in the line like everybody else!”. The guy didn’t even look at him, as he received his change. That seemed to make Mr Angry a little unhappy because he towered over him and shouted, “Do YOU have a PROBLEM with that?!!” “DO you?!” “Do. YOU. Have. a. PROBLEM. With. THAT?!” It was most neanderthal, quite inspiring.

    Personally, I tend to raise my eyebrows, purse my lips, look left and right with a bland look on my face, sigh slightly, and do nothing.

    And I still haven’t inherited the earth.

  2. It’s because you look so sweet and innocent my dear. That’s why guys think they can take advantage of you.

    You should let out you inner Loophole more often.

    -Harvey Dent-
    Who sells sea shells by the seashore.

  3. We Filipinos are like that, pasenya na lang but sometimes we need to fight back. 😉

    Sana sinapatos mo na lang. he-he.

  4. J: You should've been in the airport when that one happened. *lol* My temper grew to embarrassment pretty quickly though. It's hard to fight with people who don't fight back. I obviously need neanderthal lessons.

    Harv: You have to see me before making that "sweet & innocent conclusion". Haha. The thing is… Loophole isn't my MW goal. Mikalino is, and you know how nice and diplomatic he is. 😀

    Mitsuru: It's true, we tend to be more patient. And then regret not being more aggressive when we think about it later. 😛

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