In between breakfast and bounty hunting …

Friday (18 July 08)

I made the mistake of wearing the black dress. It was new, and I didn’t know it “lifts” as much as it does with just a slight breeze. As a result, everyone in front of Zara at Oxford Sreet at 2:11pm saw the color of my knickers. 😦

Later, I watched Spamalot with Mama Oda, Lillie and Rory. The play was amazingly funny, I laughed so hard I was afraid I’d piss on the seat–the juice during intermission was a bad idea. I love Monty Python!

L & R are both lovely and funny. They wanted me to meet their son, but that would have to wait ’til my next visit to England.


Sunday (20 July 08)

Spent the whole day in Edinburgh, Scotland with Tita Joy and Tito Art. I walked so much that day that I almost do not feel guilty about eating a ton of food. But it’s crazy, I must have misunderstood the word ‘summer’ and I brought a skirt which was a bad idea because it was freezing! It was much worse in Inverness. There, I dived under the covers and didn’t want to get up. 😀

But Scotland is beautiful. And the people are so friendly I fell instantly in love with their accents. I want to return, and maybe I’ll bring Mom with me next time.

We also saw Mamma Mia the movie–I only remembered to add this because I’ve been singing ABBA since I woke up. The movie is very good, to my surprise. Meryl Streep was predictably perfect.


Tuesday (22 July 08)

I was supposed to watch the matinee show of the Phantom of the Opera today. But I realized that I forgot my ticket while I was on the train, and by the time I rushed back home, took it and got to the theatre, I was an hour late! And it cost me 45 pounds. Grr.

I felt so bad about missing Phantom that I texted Alet, who just laughed at me. 😀 Overall, this day was pretty awful. Other non-highlights:

1. I walked and walked taking pics of old buildings to show to Dad and ended up at Trafalgar Square. And there, I found out that my shirt was unbuttoned on the chest area and everyone could see my bra.

2. This hot Greek girl practically pressed me against the escalator walls. While we managed not to exchange faces, I thought “she could have been a cute Greek guy, or I could have been the guy”. But no.

3. I went to Baker Street and was sipping my skinny latte while walking when I was distracted by something and spilled coffee all over my light pink shirt. I rushed to Oxford St H&M and bought a replacement. Another excuse for shopping.

4. And because I thought the day would probably just get worse, I went home to do the laundry. Half a mile from the house, the little blister on my toe that I was trying to ignore popped. OUCH.


Thursday (24 July 08)

I spent too much time inside Madame Tussaud’s. I came by myself so THANK YOU to all the strangers who took my pics for me. I was a wimp and skipped the chamber of horrors. 😛 It seemed so scary. I would’ve been okay if I wasn’t alone but I didn’t feel like jumping on a total stranger and screaming.

I also discovered J’s favorite place: Waterstones. I never walk out of a bookstore empty-handed, and this time I got 3 books. One of them is The End of Mr. Y by Scarlett Thomas and it’s looking good so far.


Friday (25 July 2008)

Walked around Tower Bridge today. I also saw the Tower of London. Then I passed by Harrods just to see the store even if I was sure that I won’t be able to afford anything inside. But I let a girl sweet talk me into buying the Clinique 3-step, which was okay since I need it anyway.

When she asked me if I get burned or do I just tan when exposed to the sun, I wanted to say “Um, isn’t it obvious?” But I just grinned and said “I just tan.”

And I’m so much darker now ever since I arrived here. Too much walking.

I convinced Mama Oda that we have to watch Wicked tonight. So we got tickets at the Apollo theatre. My God, it was brilliant! The story is quite different from Gregory Maguire’s book but it’s all right because they made it better for people to watch. The actress who played Elphaba had such an amazing voice I felt like crying during certain parts in the musical.

I can still her singing FIYEERROOOOO! in my head.

I’m definitely going to get the soundtrack. 😀


2 thoughts on “In between breakfast and bounty hunting …

  1. I wish I was in front of Zara at Oxford Sreet at 2:11pm. ;D

    I REALLY, REALLY want to go to Trafalgar square for some reason. It’s on the list of places to go before I die. And now the prospect of having hot Greek girls pressed against you makes me want to go there even more.

    -Harvey Dent-
    Who doesn’t use this blog anymore, and posts on multiply instead.

  2. Trafalgar Square is lovely. I prefer other places but it’s a nice place to sit and relax with friends, or just chill and read alone.

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