The one where I thought the guard was fake

The plane trip was tolerable. The bad part was not being able to sleep during my 7-hour stay in Abu Dhabi in between flights because (1) I’m too embarassed to sleep in the open, and (2) I’d have nightmares about missing my flight. There was this weird guy who followed me around and kept on guessing where I came from (he never got it haha) but he seemed too crazy so I ran to Costa and stayed on a table for hours with my latest Jasper Fforde. I ate nothing but a skinny latte and the barrista gave me change in mixed dollars and euros which I didn’t bother to count. I love airports.

It’s summer but it’s so cold! Sometimes it’s sunny and the next minute it rains. I insist on wearing miniskirts in spite of the weather and because I’m too lazy to jog, I’m using sight-seeing as an exercise excuse.

Three days ago, I went to Windsor Castle with my Mama Oda. I loved seeing the paintings inside as much as I liked the view of the castle from outside. I really didn’t pay much attention to the furniture or the antique china but I have to say that I’m impressed by the gold fittings in some of the rooms. If they meant to inspire awe when it was designed, then they reached that goal.

Too bad the chapel was closed, but I did get a pic with a castle guard dressed in one of those old-fashioned uniforms. I thought he was fake at first because he didn’t move and he looked too much like a life-sized doll. But then I giggled and asked, “Are you fake?” and saw his kohl-lined eyes blink–which was a good thing or I would’ve pinched his butt just to check. 😉

I ate in Chinatown with Leong. I’m so glad she’s Chinese-Malaysian because she knew exactly what to order and we all stuffed ourselves with dimsum and other yummy stuff that I can’t pronounce. If Sofia was with me, she would’ve told me to stop eating so much or else I’d burst. (Yes, she really believes that. 😀) After that we walked to Trafalgar Square and watched hundreds of people gyrate freestyle around the fountain for The Big Dance. Apparently, they signed up over the internet to meet up on that day just to dance together.

Yesterday was Buckingham Palace. It looked smaller than I imagined, but perhaps it goes deeper at the back. And then we had Mass at Westminster Cathedral, which was also smaller than I thought. Too bad it was being renovated but it still looks lovely from the outside.

All my photos just have me as I’m the only one interested in having my pic taken everywhere. Next time, I should drag one of my girlfriends along or maybe it’s about time I get a boyfriend so I can have someone around to populate my photos whenever I travel. My parents would be so pleased. 😛 Lately, they’ve been hinting about grandchildren, which never fails to make me run away screaming.

But speaking of travel companions, I should ask Trish or Alet or both to come with me in a few months. We could go to another European one, or China, even Japan. Or I could ask Tin if she’s not busy with her wedding plans. Or my Mom, as I’ve always wanted to spend more time with her. I’m sure Dad and Jiko could mind Sofia.

I was going to go out shopping today but I woke up too late and spent the day bounty-hunting instead. MWF is down so I can’t catch up with my modly stuff. Mama’s computer is ancient but she has super-fast broadband. I should’ve brought my laptop with me.

So… I’m typing this while drinking hot chocolate and chewing crackers–my dinner, as I can’t be bothered to cook. And tomorrow’s itinerary will be the National Gallery and shopping at Oxford Street. I heard there’s a sale at Harrods. 😀


3 thoughts on “The one where I thought the guard was fake

  1. “it’s sunny and the next minute it rains.”

    Yes, and when the cold blustery breeze stops blowing momentarily and you turn your cheek skyward and close your eyes, you can feel a gentle warmth radiating through the clouds. Aaah British Summer!

    So, you’ve done all the tourist things – now go have some fun!

  2. “but I woke up too late and spent the day bounty-hunting instead”

    It would be funny to see the reactions of people who didn’t know what you were talking about.

    -Harvey Dent-
    Who let his blogger die because he prefers multiply

  3. J: Your country has the weirdest weather, but I like it. 🙂

    Harvey: They probably think I’m some sick bloodthirsty female. lol

    – Steffi (who did not let her Blogger die because she dislikes Multiply :D)

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