Missy missy

I took the past week off from work because I needed some time off. I couldn’t even function well at work anymore! And because I caught up with much needed bumming-around time, I lost three four kilograms. Yes, I’m skinnier now because I didn’t work out, didn’t walk, didn’t even do a single sit-up for a week. 😀

I think I got so engrossed with playing that I skipped several meals. And even when I ate, I didn’t eat much because I had no appetite. Wow, is this really me? The former bottomless pit?! I usually ate more than 3 people put together! 

Mob Wars – the new and proven diet plan.

That plus the fact that I missed Mom and Sofia and Jiko terribly. Especially Sofia. The house was incredibly alive while my sister was around, and now I have to use the iPod 24/7 just to cover the lack of sound. I’m trying not to feel too bad about missing another year of her growth. The next time I see her she’ll be four–a lot taller, a lot smarter and  much prettier than I will ever be … and she won’t be a baby anymore.

I’m also really thankful that my grandmother, Mama Emma, has recovered safely from her attack yesterday. 🙂 I was really worried about it after Mom told me that she had to go to the hospital, especially since my other grandma just died less than two weeks ago. 😦

And since I’m into missing everyone I care about right now, let me just say that I miss my three best friends soooo much: Tricia, Alet, and Tin! Wish I could see you guys soon. ♥ 


My hair is being difficult again. I don’t usually have a problem with its length but when it’s wet it’s a nightmare to comb! It takes ages, and I have to do this everyday for the rest of my life. Sometimes I wish I could hire someone to do it for me. 😛

Those bald people don’t know how lucky they are.


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