Picciotto, I am

A game has sucked out my energy. But I’m not complaining. My enthusiasm for Mob Wars even earned me a shiny bullet from The Black Hand, a Decorated title, and bold yellow letters for my name. 😀

I wonder how long this will last? The last time I went crazy over something, the obsession infatuation lasted for almost four years. Will I still be whacking errant mafiosi by 2012? I guess we just have to wait and see.

And because I was looking for a term that means “the one who pays the hitman”, I accidentally found an article about a teenager who hired a hitman to kill his parents because they confiscated his PlayStation.

There’s even a rumor that it was just a PS-1 and all he played was Crash Bandicoot. x_x

If it is Crash Bandicoot, then I can’t even blame the video game industry for being an EVIL influence and warping the minds of the young. Crash Bandicoot is a game for little kids!!! The most violent part of the game are exploding boxes. Nobody bleeds, the bandicoot just kinds of spins dizzily until you have to reset your level. (Yes, I obviously love it. But I’m a child, so what?)

What a loser.


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