She needs more than chocolate for extra endorphins

This is not a good day. Because I had to delay my flight, I found out that it’s now virtually impossible to get another seat in the airline so I had to cancel my ticket and purchase a new one from a different airline. It’s more expensive so I lost around $250. 😦

I need to cheer myself up. Obviously, I can’t go shopping because it’ll just be another financial guilt trip–I’m a natural Scrooge, I don’t like spending on myself unless I really have/want to. So what’s a girl to do?

Simple cheering-up do’s:

  1. Go home early and basyu (throw) a shrieking Sofia on the cushions repeatedly.
  2. Play Mob Wars and post on the forum all night long. Check the Bullet Tooth Syndicate’s page and hitlist the day’s marked men.
  3. Break my diet (again) and convince Mom to help me bake a mocha chiffon cake or cook spaghetti bolognese.
  4. Watch BLEACH, all of it, again.
  5. Go to IKEA, try all the beds, tinker and touch everything there, and eat salmon in the cafe.
  6. Go to Hyperpanda and smell all the melons, grapefruits, oranges, and mangoes in the fruit section.
  7. Play Mob Wars again.

Ha! 😀 Yes, it’s so easy to make me happy.


4 thoughts on “She needs more than chocolate for extra endorphins

  1. Once you’ve watched Bleach for the 13th hundred time, another good anime to watch is Death Note.

    It’s about a guy who uses his powers to assassinate criminals and protect the weak.

    Kinda like you. d:

  2. Harv: You like anime too? Thanks for the rec. I’ve been blindly watching and the last ones I’ve seen were disappointments. 🙂

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