How would you know that you snore if you sleep alone?

The problem with wearing a pajama top to work is that I feel like crawling into bed in spite of the grande caramel macchiato latte that I guzzled yesterday morning. The monitor looked blurry and I yawned every five minutes.

But shirts are the least of my problems. It looks like I’d have to postpone my leave again. Dad’s company hasn’t given me my exit/re-entry yet and I don’t think anything’s going to happen this week. But Mama Oda said it would be all right since she’s leaving for a conference anyway and it would be better if I arrive when she returns.

A couple more weeks of work. *weeps* But at least I have more time to diet and lose 400 pounds.

As if being addicted with Mob Wars wasn’t enough, I’m now addicted to the affiliated forum. Talking about the game can be as fun as playing the game. 😀

And before I drag myself to bed, may I just say that my parents should be scolded. They think it’s *so* amusing to take funny pictures of me and Baby Sofia sleeping. Dad swears that the both of us snore. I strongly objected, but then he said: “How would you know?”

o_o There’s just one way to find out the truth. I have to ask one of my ex-roomates, Tricia or Alet. *pokes*


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