mish x mash

We had a maasalama (goodbye) lunch for Dr Mansour. He’s ending his training and will be going back to his home city. The food was deelish! I had not eaten breakfast and I made sure I satisfied six miserable hours of morning hunger. But I honestly feel sorry to see him go as he’s one of our favorites–always so pleasant and cheerful. He sent us a person-sized flower arrangement as a thank you token.

I went to the gym yesterday because I thought vigorous exercise would make me feel better. Instead, my health got worse. 😛 This cold virus is incredibly stubborn. Not even copious amounts of fresh-squeezed orange juice or 30 minutes of brisk walking could vanquish it.

Dr Sharpe took pity on me and gave me a cold pack, which includes 4 different types of meds. I won’t even touch it. My liver is already complaining from my regular tabs, so every time I get a cold or a fever, I tend to just ride it out instead of popping pills like everyone else.

Can I just say that I lve staying at Cris’ house. She feeds me all sorts of yumminess and she has boxes of chocolates, Belgian biscuits, granola bars, eclairs and other pika-pika goodness that I find so irresistible. 😀


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