food versus exercise

The last time I was in the gym with Cris, I hopped on the treadmill next to hers after torturing my legs on the bike. Cris was totally engrossed with a cooking show at BBC Food (of all things). And then it happened.

Cooking It happened.

Celebrity chef, Jun Tanaka, was on a mission to teach a kitchen-clueless man how to cook like a chef. In his pristine kitchen, they baked chicken breats rolled in beef strips with prunes inside and heated chunks of tuna rolled in fennel and crushed peppercorns. I learned that one can cook the tuna “as rare as you dare” as long as it’s super fresh, and that a cast iron frying pan is a must because you could pop it in your oven if needed.

I also realized that there is nothing hotter than a guy who can cook well. In spite of having the same first name as my Dad, Jun Tanaka managed to look cuter and cuter by the second.

Lastly, I learned that it’s not so bad to watch a cooking show in a gym.

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