Pooch Cafe is l♥ve

The current strip series starts with Poncho and Boomer finding a large (and full) trash can in the alley behind the restaurant. For the dogs, it was like finding a pot of gold. They immediately rushed into the trash can and started munching. The problem was the more they ate, the lower they got, making it increasingly difficult for them to escape. They cried for help and who else but Droolia, the flirty female bullmastiff, came to the rescue. Her drool collected into a pool with Poncho and Boomer holding on to inflatable trash until the drool-pool rose high enough for them to get out.

In gratitude, the two dogs promised Droolia to help her win the heart of her eternal crush, Poo Poo, an extremely cute Bichon Frise. When informed of Droolia’s passion, Poo Poo ran screaming, jumping from a bus and into a leaving plane. Poncho and Boomer thought that Poo Poo’s reticence might be the result of Droolia’s excessive wrinkles so they brought her to a dermatologist’s clinic for a Botox shot.

After multiple injections, a swollen Droolia emerged, terrifying her friends, all wrinkles gone! And after the swelling has gone down, she ended up looking like a bald Nicole Kidman with a new make-Poo Poo-jealous plan.

To read the craziness, start here and work your way up.


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