Yesterday’s Trash

I don’t have the energy to write an unabridged version of yesterday so I’ll be brief: It was a mess. Yelling, accusations, crying, misunderstandings, trips to the Chairman’s office to relay each version of the story… it was quite an afternoon.

I just hate it when some people think they have the right to BULLY anyone just because they’re one’s superiors at work. Especially those whose motto is “Shout at everyone to get things done”. There is no excuse for being a pompous, immature, and disrespectful son of a bitch. I’m not getting paid enough to be yelled at in this job and I don’t need the additional stress that wrecks my peaceful aura.

It pisses me off because I have a temper and even if I’ve managed to extend my patience as I grew older in my quest to rack up as many good karma points as I can, I can still blow up like the Pinatubo when provoked. And I hate being angry; I cry, fall apart, swear, and say or do things that I might regret.

Once, he told me that his blow-ups shouldn’t be taken personally. WTF!? Is he stupid??? Maybe I should start slapping him back and tell him later that I didn’t really mean it.

I suppose it’s a small consolation to know that THAT PERSON will die way before I do because of a stroke/heart attack/assassination paid by one of the thousands of people he antagonized since he was born. }:-)

(Thinking ill of others: -10 karma points.)


(Swearing: -1 karma point.)

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