I’m not griping. I’m way beyond just complaining. This time I’m really panicking.

I’ve been told by three people within a week that I’ve gained weight. They weren’t even mean about it; they said it very nicely and diplomatically without actually saying the word F-A-T, probably knowing how I react to such “compliments”. Plus, I’ve been in denial.

Waaaaahhhhhhhhh!!! I’ll stop eating, I swear! Starting today.


3 thoughts on “Blown

  1. You’re not fat at all, Steffi. You’re slim and you’re gorgeous. You’re curves are the epitome of femininity. Your diplomatic friends are clearly jealous of your double blessing of a beautiful face and a great figure.

  2. dear anonymous,

    either you’re blind or i’m a liar. 🙂 and i don’t have any money to give you. 😦

    but thanks for the vote of confidence. lol

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