Beyond Sick

This is just sick: Austrian locked up daughter for 24 years and fathered 7 children with her.

WTF??! Was he bored or something? Couldn’t he have taken up a new hobby or a sport? … Or anything else aside from kidnapping your own 18-year-old daughter, making her live in a cramped basement for 24 years, routinely abusing her and fathering 7 children! There is a special circle in Dante’s Hell for f#c%ers like him.

As for the daughter, how could she have survived 24 years?! I would’ve (1) attempted to escape, or upon failing #1, (2) committed hara kiri after the first week, or (3) disemboweled the little &h1t after pondering on the subject and realizing that suicide is just the easy way out.

Back home in gloriously wacky Philippines, this would never be possible. People live way too close to each other and neighbors must know everything about everyone else in town. If a house or its owner is too quiet, an army of well-meaning friendly neighbors will pry in a good-natured manner. If the person insists on being closed-mouth, they will automatically be suspicious and assume that one is up to no good, after which the rest of the area’s inhabitants will gossip relentlessly about this during afternoon merienda while eating sticks of barbecue and isaw. Within a week, one can certainly expect to be reported to the barangay officials or, worse, the media.

Clearly, the atmosphere is not conducive to serial killers and similar types who need isolation and quiet to foster their weirdness.


Yesterday was another day spent baking under the sun as the SFC sportsfest concluded. I didn’t play in any game, but I figured that if I cheered enthusiastically enough, then I’d burn enough calories to match the players. 🙂


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