I used to always say that I never have regrets… just three egrets living in my backyard, laying eggs and all that.

However, events this past week made me think twice about this. I remember a certain point in my life when I made an important choice. Back then I didn’t realize that I was the one making the choice. Like the young, naive tweener that I was, I thought it was “Fate”, and that I was just a character in a story who had to move where the script led her to.

Now, I realize that the direction my life has taken during the past two years has been the result of that incident. And that I may have made the mistake.

Wrong choice. I was too rash. I wanted to have what I wanted NOW, and I was unwilling to wait for something greater.

Take this advice from a foolish 20-something who knows nothing about life: Never think that anything is out of your hands. If it’s that important to you, be patient and wait. Don’t settle for something mediocre.

Now if I could only take my own advice. 🙂


Just so this whole post won’t seem so sad, here’s a shot of me and Cris as he Cleans Up the World: One Trashbag at a Time.


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