Sportsfest Dos

After spending yesterday cheering my tonsils out and stomping on the cement floor under the sun, I’m now as dark as a chestnut. Purely fueled by gallons of Pepsi and corn chips, we drowned out the voices of the other teams and shook the foundations of nearby buildings. I (purposely) didn’t play but we had so much fun cheering it was worth attending Day 2 of the Singolympics.

Of course, the top 3 cheer-bangers of the West team are Aileen, Grace, and Leah. Some of their motivational quotes are:

Ai: Ang galing mo talaga! Wala kang ka-kupas-kupas!!!
YEEESSS!!! May puto ka!

Leah was absent yesterday, she’s probably reserving her barbs for next Friday’s finals. 🙂

I was relatively calm during the West’s volleyball and basketball games. I even felt a bit bored during badminton while Chris, Shan and their partners smashed the other teams. But I nearly had apoplexy while watching a Scrabble game of all things! Jovett was playing against someone who just couldn’t keep his mouth shut. And he kept on trying to manipulate the game so he could win on a technicality! How satisfaying that would have been for his ego. 😛

I was so tired from the heat that as soon as I got home, I showered as fast as I can and collapsed on the bed–without even lifting my head when the rest of the family arrived home with my favorite custard cakes from Batha.

I can’t wait for next week. I miss cheering for my friends and listening to Chris’ insults. Plus, there would be Fun Games. I may not play volleyball, but I can definitely do Fun Games. 😀


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