i ♥ i can has cheezburger

It’s so popular that it’s been bashed almost as often as it’s been blogged about. So it’s not exactly an informational blog that creates awareness about Third World Hunger or Global Warming, but lolcats do have an audience–proven by the number of forwarded lolcats emails in my inbox.

Ladies and gentlemen and cats and kitties, I present I CAN HAS CHEEZBURGER.

This site is the perfect antidote to any soul that’s terminally bored at work. You can make your own lolcat pic, but lolspeak must be used for the captions. “Teh Ceiling Cat is teh kewl. Teh Basement Kitteh is teh Ebel.”

Sometimes one can even relate with the cats’ problems:

humorous pictures

A comment on this post (in perfect lolspeak):

“Wat’s wif sad grown-ups and likur? I tried it and it made me go PLEH!(no i iz nawt an under-age drinker, i had a communion) Srsly! wine tastes like rotten grape joos!”

Even Kittehs use The Force:

humorous pictures

And last but not the least, there’s Mobster Kitteh!

Humorous Pictures


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