Go West!

Yes, we won! 😀 All thanks to Chie and Jorge, our two (very patient) choreographers, and to all the girls who stayed up ’til past midnight glueing all the adidas-like stripes on our sparkly little skirts because nobody knew how to sew.

After hours of cramming practice, every part of me–including the bits that I never knew existed–is sore. I have a new-found respect for all the cheerdancers in the world. I promise never to diss anyone holding a pom-pom again. Ever.

The West team won quite a number of the games yesterday, no thanks to my non-existent volleyball skills*. We were the noisiest, most enthusiastic group present. And in spite of the really dusty seats and court due to the sudden sandstorm the night before, the whole sportsfest day was surprisingly fun. Everything will be continued next Friday.

Wanna watch? Be at the Philippine Embassy at 9:00 am on April 25. The Singolympics is sponsored by the Gawad Kalinga.

* Even my own family made fun of my volleyball-playing. Baby Sofia loudly cheered: GO, ATE! GO HOME!!!


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