Pom-pom dilemma

As of 9:00am today, we have exactly 48 hours to make a 7-minute cheerdance routine, polish our performance, make pretty costumes, braid our hair, and have Jovett slather on weird make-up for audience impact–if they stare at our sparkly eyeshadows, then maybe no one would notice that we can’t really do a decent pyramid.

Last night, we managed to decide on the opening and the ending. Now all we have to do is figure out how to spend the 6 minutes in between. Chie agreed to help us with the choreography, so that’s a relief.

Seriously, I was just joking about the miniskirts and dancing. How was I supposed to know that it was actually included in the program?! And my friends SOMEHOW had the impression that I spent high school and college on the pep squad. Should I be insulted? O_o I was a geeky artist student who liked books and galleries, not pom-poms, and the only relation I had to cheerleading was watching the Blue Babble shout Ha-li-ki-nu during Ateneo vs. La Salle basketball games and sitting through Bring it On with my dorm mates.

Anyway, I’m stuck until Thursday. 😛 I haven’t even practiced for volleyball yet.

Me: Volleyball? :-O But I’m playing Scrabble!

Cris: Everyone is required to play at least one ball game.

Me: And it’s Scrab-Ball. See? Ballgame. *sweatdrops*

Cris: Ahah. Nice try.

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