Truffles vs. Pavlov’s Dog

I used to work for this person during one project. Let’s call him Truffles.

Now, Truffles is the type who would panic at every single minor detail that doesn’t happen as planned. He would implode and turn to the nearest person that he could blame (aka ME) and bellow “YOU! why didn’t you blah blah blah!!!???”

Truffles is not aware that to err is human. He will simply assume that someone hasn’t been doing his job. His favorite solution to any challenge is to find someone responsible and yell at the hapless person who just happened to get in his way.

Truffles has a fondness for lists and chocolates. However, he loves lists more and had ordered me to make endless numbers of checklists which we went through over and over again.

In fairness to Truffles, he does remember that one has exerted a lot of effort and energy and showed a lot of dedication towards the project–but only after the yelling is over.

Dr Ivan Pavlov really hit it with his description of the phenomenon of classical conditioning. I’m the dog, and Truffles is the stimulus. Whenever I hear his voice or see his number on my caller ID, my reflex response would be to slide down and hide beneath my desk.

… or run outside screaming I’M NOT HERE!!!


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