Thinking of the Borgias

My parents are optimistic, young-at-heart types who believe in giving their children a good start in their lives. So they named their eldest after a crown (Stephanie), and their youngest after wisdom (Sofia). The middle boy was even more fortunate; he received a biblical name (Josef Christian) with the hopes that he would eventually develop an angelic personality.

Too bad we were all disappointments when it came to the “angelic” part. Still, Sofia’s only three. She has a lot of time to change from being a little maldita to someone more merciful. And I probably still have time to marry someone who could give me a palazzo and a title. *lol*

Maybe the reverse works. Instead of naming my future daughter and son Angelica and Jesus (pronounced Hey-Soos), I could name them after Cesare and Lucrezia Borgia, famous poisoners, murderers, and pioneers of the Italian Mafia clans.

When Dia and Vlad recced The Family for me to read three years ago, I didn’t expect that it would be that… excessive. It is, of course, a Mario Puzo book. But nothing can prepare anyone for that mish-mash of papal politics, corruption, incest, killings, and practically every sin you could think of. You should read it, it’s enlightening, haha.

Don’t mind me, I’m still in Mob Wars mode.


Sofia and I went to visit Baby Yasmeen today. She, of course, thought Baby Y was so beautiful and cute and tiny. She even told Mom that Baby Y is a REAL BABY–is bald, can’t talk, and can’t walk. 🙂

J & B gave us pastries that disappeared after ten seconds. They want us to stay for dinner next time. It’s so tempting. Food is indeed the best bribe for a budding Mob Boss.


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