My three-year-old sister has a new hobby: photography. She likes it so much that she kidnaps my little Sony Cybershot whenever she can and takes a hundred pictures at a time. But ever since she saw Chie’s pink Sony, she’s been asking me for one exactly like it.

My siblings are fast turning me into a penniless big sister indeed.

Some of Sofia’s pics are downright funny: Mom’s butt, extreme close-ups of my feet, Jiko’s hair, Dad’s chin, etc. But some are very realistic, like this one:

This is portrait of her older sister (aka Me). I’m vegetating under the covers with an elbow sticking out, holding a book while a stuffed duck is wedged between my head and the couch. This picture captures the essence of a true bumming-around moment, which is why I like it so much. 🙂

The fleshy blob in the foreground is Sofi’s finger. I haven’t gotten around to teaching her about keeping one’s hands off the lens.


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