A spark of something

I feel so restless and it’s already 2 AM.

No, I can’t sleep.

I should do something. Draw, sketch, write something. Where did I put my pads?

The problem about feeling like your in a limbo is there is zero motivation and inspiration. My creative energy is on an all-time low. Every time I take a pencil to try to draw, I feel like throwing up and I fear that my hand would shake and flick the graphite across the paper. When I try to start a story or even a paragraph (that isn’t a blog entry), my brain goes dead. I can’t take good pictures. I’m psychologically incapable of doing anything remotely creative.

In short, I have an all-around artist’s BLOCK. 🙂

I need a spark of… something.


One thought on “A spark of something

  1. Steffisan!

    Try doing Artist’s Way by Julie Cameron. It’s a 12-week workbook and it helps with creative blocks. I’ve been doing it and I’m already on my 6th week. There’s significant improvement. You’ll feel more inspired! 🙂 Been drawing again and will start painting soon too 🙂



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