Jiko’s diet

My 17-year old brother, Jiko, is currently on a doctor-imposed cleansing diet due to his skin allergies. Lots of fruits and vegetables and aloe vera juice with minimal sugar, meat, oil, and dairy products, and absolutely NO processed foods.

Knowing Jiko and his fondness for anything wrapped in plastic and deep-fried, the diet was equal to a death sentence. So to make him feel better, the family changed to being being fruity vegans with the occasional fish and white meat. Even Dad is fast losing his paunch. Of course, Mom and I hide our chocolates where Jiko could never find them.

I was embroiled in a fight with Jiko over his insistence to put creamer in his coffee (processed? fat? hellooo?) when I received a text message from the dermatologist. He said I could pick up the kit and he mentioned the price. I nearly fainted; it cost more than a PSP! And this is just the first step!

I already regret airily telling Dad that I would deal with the doctor’s bills. 😛

Oh, look, Sofia just brought me a bowl of sliced oranges. Yum! Happy Easter, everyone!

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