me: i hate the “H” in her name.

me: people who put H’s in their names have issues.

jeremy: jheremy.

me: they distract other people from their problems by putting unnecessary letters. steffhi. stehffhi.

jeremy: ^_^

me: jheremy sounds good

jeremy: bogg off

me: or jherhemhy

jeremy: bhogg ohff

me: 😛

me: :hP

2 thoughts on “H

  1. yeah, i second the motion!

    down to people with the useless H’s in their names!

    they should be crucified, feed to the wolves!

  2. Back when I was in high school, I always saw this bus on my way home from school. The name of the bus line was “MHEL & BHEN”. And every single time, I felt the impulse to read it out loud while I was inside the jeepney:


    – Stehffhi

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