Miss, excuse me, but I hate what you’re wearing.

What is it with this place?

Okay, so it’s a conservative country and there are RULES that have to be followed. But I checked the Official Dress Code 100x over and basically, it says that:

  • All non-uniformed female employees should dress modestly and should not wear anything revealing.
  • Hemlines should cover mid-calf. No slits in dresses and skirts.
  • No sleeveless blouses/dresses.
  • No sheer materials.
  • No blue jeans or T-shirts with slogans.
  • Trousers are okay if the blouse is long enough to cover your hips.
  • No glittery outfits.
  • Minimal make-up and jewelry.

As you see, they want every chick to dress like their great-grandmothers. Today, I managed to come out with something a little more stylish than a sackcloth: A long sleeved black shirt, black pants, mary janes, and a spaghetti-strapped burnt-orange maternity dress over it all.

And some told me that I wasn’t following the d***** code. WTH? I’m covered from my collarbones to the tips of my toes! There isn’t even a hint of a waistline or a figure! The dress makes me look flat-chested! But it still looks *cute*. I’m not being -bleeping- vain; I’m not pretty, the dress is. And because of this, I’m being picked on. So I said:

Me: I haven’t broken any of the rules. I checked.
Them: Your style is a little different. It’s not really office attire.

I get it. They want me to wear a BLAZER or the-frumpy-jacket, which everyone wears, even if it’s not required just so I can frump around like a loyal sheep and not look different.

No offense to plus-size women, but I’m sure that if I weigh 200 pounds and show up at work in skintight Lycra, I doubt if anyone would -bleeping- care if I’m following the dress code. In this place, if you make an effort to look borderline pretty, there will always be someone who will try to smash you in whatever petty way possible.

By the way, I borrowed this dress from Mom. 🙂 This is the second time since she came over and I’m already wondering if I should return it.


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