Airplane harasser

For the second time ever, I delivered a talk yesterday to a bunch of teenagers. Like any normal person, I was nervous at first but warmed up after a few paragraphs. By the middle, I had them laughing. Maybe it was the airplane anecdote.

College-age Steffi used to fly alone all the time. But because she’s a genuine white-knuckle flyer who gets palpitations at the slightest hint of turbulence, she’s experienced more than one incident where the plane suddenly dips along with all the passengers’ innards and she instinctively *grabs* the nearest person and DOESN’T LET GO. :O

I suppose I’ve traumatized a few guys who found themselves harassed by a strange girl with an Anne Rice book.

That’s why I like to sit beside my brother or my Mom. 😀

Anyway, I’ve posted some photos in my Multiply:

Afternoon picnic

Sofia’s birthday dinner


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