Randomness Eight

Back when dinosaurs roamed the earth, women were expected to be able to do certain things:

  • Play the piano
  • Draw landscapes
  • Cook
  • Sew (Embroider? Darn socks?)

They were also expected to have certain physical qualities:

  • Long wavy hair
  • Curvy figure
  • Pretty fingers
  • A pointy nose

I wanted to take Tae Kwon Do but Dad insisted on piano lessons, which resulted in years of torture for Mrs. Veraque as she tried to make me master Fur Elise.

Luckily, I was born to draw. But I hated landscapes; I happily sketched naked people in the Ateneo. (I’m a Business major.)

I can’t cook but I can bake chocolate anythings (cookies, cakes, brownies, etc.).

I can only sew buttons. Socks are too cheap for darning and the only time I came close to embroidery was helping Mom finish her epic cross-stitching projects.

I was born with wavy hair which I hated, so I now have long iron-straight hair. Thank you, rebonding.

My figure fluctuates according to my moods. I suppose one can call me curvy but I’m neither fat nor thin. Except when I was 8 months–I was downright obese.

My fingers were already crooked and kind of lumpy to begin with, and then I poured boiling oil over them. From Vigan longganizas, they now resemble a street map of Baguio.

I was born with the typical flat nose which my relatives teased me about since birth. Then a car accident smashed up what was left of it and my parents happily used the excuse of “repairing” it to make it look like a nose that I would never have had developed naturally. I didn’t mind, not everyone gets to have a nose as a college present. 😀 And not everyone gets to have a plastic surgeon who’s the exact replica of The Penguin from Batman Returns.

Why am I writing this? Maybe because I’m hungry and I’m still raising my eyebrows over this.

So sorry it had to happen to you, Brian G. But I don’t like most of the hateful comments left by those anonymous kibitzers. Still, I really hope those GG’s will get what they deserve for doing that to you. (Dai, DJ! DAI!!!)

EDIT: Oh no! Brian G. erased almost all of his posts! 😛 So much for linking. But he’s right. The hatred went overboard and affected too many people. Pay him back, DJ!


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